This is unbelievable! The first helicopter flight over the surface of Mars!

Today, NASA engineers and workers, together with the whole world, can celebrate another victory in the conquest of the red planet. Ingenuity made its first flight, the progress of which could be followed by everyone. This kind of Mars hype was last experienced with the Perseverance landing this February.

A progress report was presented at a special conference at which mission leaders were brought together. Mimi Aung congratulated everyone on this event, accidentally tearing several papers on her desk when she learned about the successful outcome of the experiment.

Ingenuity made several maneuvers. It took off, hovered in the air for a while, then descended and landed successfully. This is the device’s first flight on another planet. A photo from a helicopter, in which you can clearly see its shadow on the surface of the planet, caused a wave of surprise among the audience.

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