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How Handwriting Analysis Works

A quick question for you:

Have you ever wondered why a mailman asks for your signature as an acknowledgment before delivering your letter or parcel?

That is because your handwriting is unique, personal and individual. It has the power to represent you even in your absence.

That is why many famous people have tried to deduce from the appearance of a man’s handwriting an impression of his personality.

Many great writers like Shakespeare and E Allen Poe, have tried, although in an amateur or intuitive way, to discover the relationship between handwriting and character of a person.

Fact is, handwriting always tells the truth about the inner person. As you guide the pen across the page, it is almost as if you are drawing a picture of what is happening inside you from moment to moment.

Nevertheless, handwriting analysis, or graphology, is still considered by some to be a science restricted to forensic laboratories. It’s still not known to many that it can be used in our day-to-day lives as well.

You can use handwriting analysis to know yourself better and learn about your strengths and weaknesses.

So, here is what we will do.

In the next few minutes, you’ll learn how handwriting analysis works and what your handwriting says about your personality.

Besides, we will tell you what is graphotherapy, and how a few handwriting changes can bring about significant changes in your life.

So, let’s start.

1. What Does Handwriting Tell About A Person?

Handwriting analysts say we are how we write. A handwriting expert discovers the personality secrets of the writer just by looking at the handwriting.

That’s what graphology is all about: the study and analysis of handwriting especially in relation to human psychology.

When you write on a paper, your entire personality gets imprinted on the sheet. Everything about it, starting from size, slant, margins, spacing, height, width, pressure, connection, or disconnection, for that matter, reveals something about your personality.

For example, a big handwriting, coupled with right slant, shows that the person is extremely outgoing and will do very well professionally in areas such as sales and marketing.

On the other hand, if someone’s handwriting has too many sharp and pointed strokes, it means that the writer is aggressive, hostile and temperamental.

2. How Does Handwriting Analysis Work?

Handwriting analysis studies the strokes in handwriting, which correlate to a personality trait within the writer. The brain sends message to the hand to form strokes that reveal who we are, how we think, feel and behave and what our likes and dislikes are.

When we write, each pen stroke reflects our personality. However, handwriting cannot reveal gender or predict the future.

3. What Is Handwriting Analysis Used For?

We have heard about the use of handwriting analysis in forensic labs to solve criminal cases. But very few people know that the science is used for many purposes, such as personality assessments and finding right candidates for a job.

Handwriting analysis can also be used to deal with psychological and emotional issues, determining the compatibility of a couple, and helping people understand their partners. (Read: Is your marriage on the rocks? Look at your partner’s handwriting)

4. Do Handwriting Strokes Affect The Brain?

Yes, handwriting affects the brain as well. I mentioned earlier that when we write, each stroke of the pen reflects our personality.

But it does not end there. The strokes not only reflect our personality traits, they also reinforce them.

For instance, a particular stroke in your handwriting can reveal you are stubborn. If you write that particular stroke very often, you will become more stubborn.

The good thing about handwriting is that you can change your signature or handwriting to get rid of those negative traits. The study on how to change your handwriting is called graphotherapy.

5. What Is Graphotherapy?

Graphotherapy is the curative offshoot of handwriting analysis, which teaches how to change handwriting to bring about positive changes yourself.

Because handwriting originates in the cerebral cortex of the brain, by deliberately changing your handwriting, you can change self-limiting attitudes and behaviour.

In other words, graphotherapy is a means of making conscious changes in your handwriting in order to bring about desired subconscious changes within yourself.

It identifies stumbling blocks that can be easily eliminated by making changes in the handwriting. All one needs to do is to practise the handwriting exercise in a particular way for 30 days. That’s it.

6. What Is A Graphotherapy Exercise?

A graphotherapy exercise removes self-sabotaging traits and attitudes. It can help you deal with roadblocks, such as lack of concentration, low confidence, problems in marital relationships, depression, sexual issues and self-esteem problems.

If you do handwriting exercises diligently, it has the power to change your life. And that is no exaggeration.

7. You Can Understand Yourself With Handwriting Analysis

If you have an accurate means to understand your own personality traits, it has many advantages.

You can know about your own strength and weaknesses. That way you can make wiser choices as far as your personal and professional lives are concerned.

For example, if your handwriting indicates that you are a restless person, it won’t be a good idea to pursue a career in professions that require you to sit for long hours. You would rather do well in a sales job.

8. You Can Understand Others With Handwriting Analysis

Several relationships go for a toss because of misunderstandings. With the help of handwriting analysis, we can understand people well.

For example, if your colleague doesn’t talk much to you, you may start feeling that he does not like you. That would be pure speculation on your part.

However, if you have access to his handwriting, you will know for sure whether he is quiet only in your presence or not talking much is part of his core personality. That way there will be no scope for any misunderstanding whatsoever.

Similarly, with handwriting analysis you can also understand your partner well and iron out misunderstandings in a more mature manner.

A client once told me that he liked a girl in his office, but was very clueless about what she feels because she did not interact much with anyone.

He was pushing the envelope too hard, but no success at all. He then showed me her handwriting on an official document she had sent him.

The girl wrote with a left slant and had wide spacing between words. These handwriting features indicated that she was emotionally distant from people around her because of some bitter experiences in the past.

My client’s dogged determination actually went against him because she did not like to be forced into anything. The more he pushed, the farther she went away from him.

My client had two options: One, forget about the girl. Two, make her comfortable and instil a feeling of security in her and convince her that she will be safe with him.

If he had known a few things about handwriting analysis, he won’t have pursued the girl so relentlessly.

9. Handwriting Analysis Can Help You Pick A Career

As stated above, handwriting analysis can help you choose the right career.

It’s important to make the right career choice early in life, because it’s not easy to switch careers later in life.

By understanding your talents, abilities and preferences, you will be able to choose a career that is best for you.

Handwriting analysis can help you understand your own key traits. This will help you in deciding which career is best for the type of individual you are.

Many months ago, I wrote about the handwriting of a girl who wanted to become a journalist. When I reviewed her handwriting, it was obvious that she was getting into the wrong profession. I suggested her alternatives, but she had made up her mind.

In another article, I also wrote about what kind of handwriting should not belong to those in teaching profession.

Similarly, if you have tiny handwriting, you are unsuitable for a sales job, whereas someone with a predominant middle-zone handwriting is not fit for jobs that require him to sit and concentrate for long hours.

With handwriting analysis, it is possible to know early on which field is professionally suitable for you.

You need to know that in advance because if you travel down a wrong road too far, turning back will be difficult, and you will end up being just another unhappy person at a workplace.

10. Handwriting Analysis Can Help You Hire Right Candidates

Hiring right employees is crucial for the success of any company. With the help of handwriting analysis, you can ensure that right people are hired for a certain type of jobs.

For example, if you are hiring for a team leader, there are certain things the candidate’s handwriting should have. One of them is legibility of script.

If the candidate has illegible handwriting and signature, it means that he will fail as a manager.

He will always face communication problems with his colleagues and won’t be successful in keeping his team happy. His constant grouse will be: my team does not understand me.

For such a writer, his own ideas will be more important than those of others. He will have no time for others.

Hence, if you manage a team, please get rid of illegibility in your signature. Learn more about signature analysis and how to change your signature.

11. Handwriting Analysis Can Give You Health Warnings

Could your handwriting reveal your likelihood of having a heart attack?

New research suggests that the writing of people with heart disease is visibly different. It’s thought that these differences could indicate stress leading to heart malfunctions.

12. Handwriting Analysis Can Also Be A Career Choice

Handwriting analysis is being increasingly recognised as an effective counselling and investigative tool.

Corporate houses are roping in handwriting analysts to get the right candidate. Apart from that, you could also become an independent consultant.

13. Do Graphologists Analyse Each Letter Or Handwriting Strokes?

In handwriting analysis, one of the myths is that graphologists analyse letters. It’s not true. Letters are not analysed. It’s the strokes that are analysed.

A stroke begins with a dot and then takes a direction. The direction and location of a stroke help a handwriting analyst describe the corresponding personality traits.

Here are a few strokes that are often found in a handwriting sample:

Beginning stroke

If there is a redundant stroke before the first letter of a word, it shows that the writer needs some time to prepare before starting a project. Such strokes slow down the writers who need to be pushed hard to get going.

But if the initial stroke is absent, it denotes that the person is patient and self controlled and starts doing work without wasting any time.

Long terminal stroke

This stroke indicates how a writer extend himself to others. For example, if the end stroke is too long, it shows that the writer is quite circumspect and does not like to commit. He keeps people at bay, preventing them from coming close.

Curved stroke: A sign of humour

A curve in horizontal strokes, such as t-bars, indicates that the writer has a good sense of humour.

Presence of too many curved strokes in a handwriting denotes that the writer gets humourous to the extent of getting flippant and ridiculous.

According to handwriting analysis, anyone with a big handwriting coupled with wavy t-bars are real fun at social gatherings.

Upward terminal stroke

If the terminal strokes extend slightly upward, they indicate that the writer is liberal, generous in nature. Handwriting analysis says such people are altruistic and they like to help out others.

14. Handwriting Analysis And Emotions

According to handwriting analysis, the slant of the letter reveals the writer’s emotional make-up. The slant indicates the writer’s emotional direction and the extent of emotional control.

A handwriting analysis study says that about 77% of writers have a right slant, 15% with left slant and remaining 8% write vertically.

The right slant belongs to an emotional person, while the the left slant shows an emotionally repressed person. On the other hand, the vertical handwriting belongs to an emotionally reserved person.

We have covered the handwriting slant in detail in various articles on the website.

15. What Handwriting Analysis Does Not Reveal

Yes, handwriting analysis also has many limitations. For example, handwriting cannot accurately reveal the age or the gender of a writer.

Interestingly, we also cannot tell whether the pen or pencil was held in the hand, between the toes, or in the mouth. (Yes, some people can even write with their toes and the mouth.)

Since handwriting is also ‘brain-writing’, the individual character traits will still come forth, no matter how the pen is held. People do change over time, and so does their handwriting.

In fact, handwriting analysis says that your handwriting can even change according to your mood. That does not mean that the analysis of your handwriting will be inaccurate.

Handwriting cannot reveal the following:
  • Future
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Nationality
  • Race
  • Left or right handedness


So, let’s recap what we have covered so far.

Handwriting analysis is a study of frozen graphic structures which are being generated in the writer’s brain and are placed on the paper in a cursive or printed handwriting style.

Handwriting analysis is a dependable and authentic indicator of personality and behaviour.

In fact, we could go to the extent of saying that graphology is one the most effective methods of identifying, evaluating and understanding personality through various handwriting strokes and patterns.

Your handwriting can reveal many personality secrets such as emotional outlay, mental state, thinking style, fears, honesty and social skills.

After you master handwriting analysis, you will begin to evaluate one trait with another.

Check the strength of each trait to balance the negative features with the positive ones, the strengths with the weaknesses.

You will probably find that these people have personality characteristics that you never dreamed existed.

So, go ahead and take a tour of the website and see how magical handwriting analysis is and how much it can reveal about yourself and others.

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