Bitcoins for the Tesla car

One of the most popular billionaires and already a legendary personality, Elon Musk, who is famous, among other things, thanks to his intriguing tweets, was again able to surprise the public. His campaign’s cars can now be purchased with Bitcoin. This widely nowadays spread crypto currency, beside its usage as tax and transit free, cannot be called reliable.

The price of a car, if we draw conclusions from the statement of the owner of the company, will vary from day to day in exactly the same way as the value of bitcoin in the market varies. Tesla, at the same time, owns a large amount of this crypto currency, having spent more than a billion dollars on its acquisition. Such a bold step on the part of Musk caused a new wave of excitement around bitcoin and a natural increase in its price. That risk could prove itself worthy, yet it is still unknown why Elon Musk accumulates this big amount of Bitcoin. Other crypto currencies got no such interest from the billionaire.

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