Amazon wants you to pay money in a low-effort way

The latest development of Amazon, aimed at faster trips to the store, provides the ability to pay in some stores with the palm of your hand.

One day, the company showed the world Amazon One, which connects your fingerprints to your own credit card, and you can safely bring your hands to the sensors to get and purchase goods in the company’s stores (before, customers used their phone and the code coming to them to get inside). From the very beginning, this feature did not work everywhere, but only in two stores in Seattle, but soon this feature will be available in other cities. Also, Amazon wants to offer this development to retailers, office workers and stadiums.

Dilip Kumar, vice president of Amazon, told one publication that the development of Amazon One’s newest feature began well in advance of the worldwide pandemic. But timing like this can play into the hands of the company, as people will want to use contactless payment for convenience, and other companies that are developing new measures to combat the pandemic will find it very attractive.

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