Trump’s family’s new chief adviser is not a secret for attentive followers

Trump’s orbit seems to be more and more influenced by Donald Trump Junior, believed to be politically raised for such purpose. While Donald is not sure if he wants to return to the 2024 election that could really help him a lot within the Republican Party.

Numerous sources consider Donald Trump Jr. to play his role from the shadows, but already having a lot to help with during previous presidential years, who was always behind the scenes. Jr. has devoted a lot of time over the past 4 years to helping Trump and guiding his West Wing to make the road more comfortable. It was also his responsibility to support reliable conservative candidates.

Unlike others, the eldest son’s role is more than operational leadership. Least liberal among all members of the family, even after his father left the presidency, Donald Jr. continues to influence his views for months. The closeness of both Trumps is now considered greater than Donald Sr. ever had with his son-in-law, who took a hiatus from anything connected with politics.

This we can judge a lot thanks to his intervention after his talk with Asa Hutchinson. This month, the governor that raised transgender issues, with whom former president had a chat, could no longer be saved with “critical cable problems” or dropped on the administration, which Trump abused more than once. This allowed him to avoid such topics more than once during his term. The former president was deeply outraged by the governor’s law preventing treatment for transgender teenagers. Open criticism of one of the prominent Republicans, his views on the problems of transgender people, especially clearly contradicting Trump’s usual position, surprised many. Nevertheless, the source of such influence was clear to those close to him.

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