From Floyd’s murder to the Chauvin trial: 5 disappointing facts about police violence against black people

The conviction of a police officer involved in the murder of a black man does not put an end to many other victims and police officers’ crimes that are opposed to them.

One of the officers who was near Chauvin at the time of Jorge’s death, Bai Xiaowen, was convicted of multiple degrees of murder throughout his career. The investigation into his crimes began after the publication of a video of Floyd’s death last year. In the video, a black man, handcuffed, says for almost 9 minutes that he cannot breathe while lying on the pavement, handcuffed. It was this video that made it onto all news broadcasts and shows, and triggered massive protests against police arbitrariness, oppression of black people and racism.

The following will describe the collected static data on the degree and level of violence from authorities.

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