Pakistan can become Hollywood’s new homeland thanks to Omer Paracha

The author of Echo Baby Boomer, last year’s movie. Being a product of a new producer, even his very first film, his work was hugely different from other Hollywood producers. A sense of innocence, purity, and the absence of pollution is important to Omer. Nevertheless, he does not forget about the need for intuition. The young talent is gradually establishing contact between two countries. His first job is just a springboard to even greater heights. The author of the film expresses the hope that he will have even more opportunities to realize his ideas.

Such a decision did not come from nowhere. Omer holds a BA and MA in media design. His brother, Khabib Paracha, is also the author of several works. He gave an interview last year,where the young director expressed a desire to do more than make movies.

The film revolves around five alumni who are victims of America’s bad economy and debt. They steal and rob the rich for revenge. Greed or lack of money are not the goal for Omer. His characters have personal motives and revenge on the system in the person of the people they rob. In this the director sees a piece of the atmosphere of the new millennium.

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