Consumer Drones Produced These Incredible Photos

Technology has allowed us to make some incredible strides in recent years. The advent of the drone has given us access to images of some of the most remote and awe-inspiring regions of the world. Before now, some of these sites have never been photographed, due to people being unable to reach those particular areas.

Drones are now something we see regularly, whether they are flying above our heads at an event, or filming key information for a documentary, there are plenty of ways that the drone has become a normal part of our life. So much so that there are even certain laws regarding drones in different countries around the world. Here is a selection of drone images you simply have to see to believe.

Get Away!

We’ve all been there on the beach when we are trying to relax and sunbathe and then happen to hear some annoying buzzing close by. When we open our eyes, it’s there, a drone flying over our heads and invading our privacy without any permission! This is exactly what happened to this poor girl.

When sunbathing on a nice, quiet rooftop, she couldn’t believe it when a drone appeared to be stalking her. Getting angry, she jumped up and chased the drone away with a broom. We don’t know about you, but this gives us the heeby jeebies! Get outta here!

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