Muhammad Ali Is Number One, Who Are The Other Greatest Boxers Of All-Time?

Boxing is not a subjective sport by any means. If you’re a winner, the statistics will back that up without a doubt. Some fighters will talk a big game, but their talent or stat sheet won’t even be close to backing it up. Then you have your stars who are highly skilled and generations of future fighters, fans, and analysts respect for decades. Who are the best boxers of all-time? A consensus number one is none other than Muhammad Ali, but who else is the mix? Perhaps Andre Ward and Manny Pacquiao? Find out what we think and decide for yourself.

Marvin Hagler – 62 Wins, 3 Losses

We’ll kick things off with one of the best middleweights of all-time. Marvin Hagler was the world middleweight champion for six and a half years. That’s the second-longest reign in that division’s history. During that reign, he made title defenses against other fighters you’ll see later on this list.

What was so special about Hagler is that he had one of the best chins in the sport’s history. After his heart-breaking loss to Sugar Ray Leonard that was a disputed majority decision, Hagler retired and never came back.

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