10 Easy Tips to Book the Cheapest Flight to Anywhere

10. Secrecy is top priority

You’ve probably heard about the incognito browsing mode and this is one of those times you shouldn’t forget to turn it on. You must also have noticed that after browsing for some time, flight prices increase a little bit (or a lot, if you have been thorough with your search). The thing is, search engines want to trick you into buying the ticket as soon as possible – before the prices rise even higher! How do they do it, you might ask?

The information about your previous search results is stored in browser’s cookie files and can be quite easily accessed by third parties like search engines. Always use a private browsing mode to see the actual flight prices! If you’re using Chrome, hit Ctrl + Shift + N to enable incognito mode. For Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, hit Ctrl + Shift + P.

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