“We cannot be satisfied with what we have right now”

That is what Biden said when Floyd’s case was finally over with a verdict from the jury. Derek Chauvin, who worked as a police officer, was judged to be guilty,it was called a “big step” in defeating systematic racism towards black people.

A little time after the sentencing, Biden with Kamala Harris said this is yet not close to its end if we talk about the people of America. He believes that one cannot be satisfied with what has already been achieved. Everything has to change, both people and policies were the words of Biden, who wanted to continue the crusade against racism and police brutality.

Similarly, both politicians insist that Congress take urgent action to make some changes to the executive branch and approve a law in honor of Floyd. America’s most famous victim of police violence had its last minutes on the lap of his murderer. Floyd’s last words towards the officer were that he can’t breathe. He also urges not to let these words die with the person who said them. “We have no right to turn around now, we cannot give up”.

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