Former US President Trump has some legal reasons for not discussing his possible 2024 presidential election running

“I will say this: I’m very serious, very serious,” were his words to Fox News this Monday while talking about the possibility of participating in the next election. Trump also claims to be “very serious” about the chances of him taking part in the race. Still, something seems to hold him back at the moment to say it clearly, as he finishes the topic with the following: “From a legal standpoint, I don’t want to talk about it yet”.

Besides the loss of his presidential chair and popularity, the former president still has a lot of influence in his party and is likely to get the support from a big number of senior Republican lawmakers if he is to run for them in 2024.

The meetings with the audience in February were accompanied many times with the idea that Trump, if he wants, could beat them the third time. Answering with a nod to crowd claims that he won the elections last year only makes it more solid. “The journey is far from over” he cheers people and indicates that the end is yet to come.

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