White-superiority attitudes are among the strands in the UK

In late March, a UK special commission, set up following the BLM protests previous year to tackle racial and ethnic inequality, released a report.

Hatred towards other races can be triggered by false historical accusations and distortions by experts from the UK. These are the conclusions made by independent experts at the UN on April 19. According to them, the discussed report was of this nature. It can already be considered wild to read articles in the 21st century, which contain racial stereotypes as a fact and drives new wedges into strife among nations, supporting the oppression of the black population, the UN said.

In 2002, a special group of experts was assembled at the UN to deal with racist issues on a global basis. Their main functions are to identify and deal with harassment of the black population. This group consists of five independent experts who are not paid and are not employees of the United Nations.

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