How does partner pressure and use of force affect children’s health?

It is assumed that every person’s childhood should be joyful and serene, but in the end, for many, everything turns out completely differently. Children are highly susceptible to stress and pressure, which has a significant impact on families and the social environment in which they live. New research shows us that this can have bad consequences for a child’s health throughout their life.

In one study by the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, it was found that one in three children (including their parents) experienced domestic violence within a period of up to ten years. Also, according to this study, scientists have found that such children are 2 times more likely to have any psychiatric diagnosis or behavioral difficulties.

But this attitude has an impact not only on the mental, but also on the physical health and development of children. In addition to the study, it was found that these children were more likely to have problems with speech, sleep, blood pressure and asthma.

Mothers who were directly involved in this study filled out several questionnaires at different periods of development of their children, that is, at three, six, twelve months and in the fourth and tenth years after the birth of the child.

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