Hollywood Celebrities who Left Hollywood to Pursue Normal Careers

The typical life of a Hollywood star includes all champagne parties on yachts, shopping at the most overpriced stores and boutiques, and spending time with other celebrities. Many people dream of living the celebrity life and being suddenly thrust into the public eye, but for some actors and musicians, the pressures of show business can weigh down on their hearts and souls and force them into an early retirement from Hollywood.

So where are these former TV, movie, and music stars now? Why, like you and me, they’re spending most of their times at humble 9-to-5s to earn a living. Here are 20 celebrities that have ditched the Hollywood craziness and work regular day jobs.

1. Mackenzie Rosman from 7th Heaven

Mackenzie practically grew up on the set of 7th Heaven. She reprised her role as Ruthie Camden for all 11 seasons until the series finale in May 2007. Since leaving the fictional town of Glenoak, CA, her acting career practically diminished. She played minor roles in indie movies, but she never really made a breakthrough outside of playing Ruthie. Since then, she’s devoted her time and efforts in philanthropy and hosting fundraising programs to find cures for several life-threatening diseases.

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