10 Simple Exercises That Show Results After One Workout

First thing’s first: No, you can’t get ripped overnight (no matter what that Instagram ad says). But even though muscles aren’t built in a day, that doesn’t mean a solid workout can’t give you instant definition. See, by performing certain moves, you force a ton of blood into your muscles’ fast-twitch or power fibers. Long story short, this makes your worked muscles pop in a good way, says Erica Suter, CSCS, a Maryland-based trainer and strength coach.
The result is a sneak peek of how awesome your muscles will consistently look after weeks of training, she says. (It’s also a secret strategy among fitness models everywhere—ahem, nature’s Photoshop.)

This technique—called the “pump”—can also prevent the muscle breakdown that often occurs when you’re working out to lose weight (we’re looking at you, cardio queens), according to a study in Strength and Conditioning Journal.
Take the following exercises for a spin, then check yourself out in the mirror, good lookin’.
Time: 30 minutes
Equipment: resistance band and set of dumbbells or kettlebells—aim for a weight that feels heavy to lift by the last two to three reps.
Good for: total body
Instructions: Perform 1o reps of each move below, then continue to the next exercise. Once you’ve completed all movements, rest for up to one minute. Then, repeat two more times for three rounds total.

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